4 Reasons Why Breakfast is Important


     There’s not enough time. I have too many things to do already in the morning. It’s too early to eat, I’m not hungry. There is always an excuse why people skip breakfast, but maybe some of these reasons will help you see just how important breakfast is!

  1. SETS A TONE FOR BETTER EATING OVERALL. People who eat breakfast tend to be better eaters throughout the day. They usually have a more balanced diet, incorporating all food groups. This sets up the person to be less hunger and able to space out meals without overeating.
  2. BALANCE BLOOD SUGARS. There is a large gap between your night’s snack and breakfast in the morning, this can affect your blood sugar levels. When you don’t eat breakfast it could cause more hunger, causing a person to overeat, and blood sugar spikes. Prolonged blood sugar spikes and lows can result in diabetes.
  3. YOUR BODY RUNS ON ENERGY. When you eat breakfast, you are giving your body the energy it needs to start your day. Of course it is important to have a well balanced breakfast, a breakfast high in sugar, or caffeine could result in a drop of energy.
  4. BRAIN FUEL. By eating breakfast, you are giving your brain the fuel it needs to work. Your brain is so powerful, but it can only help with fuel. Skipping breakfast is depriving your brain from the fuel it needs to function at it’s best!

     Breakfast doesn’t have to be gourmet or take you long! Make a smoothie, it can even be done the night before, a bowl of cereal with milk or yogurt, bagel with fruit, or if you have a little extra time make some eggs and toast! Don’t make an excuse, have breakfast every day!