By: Kayla Sabatini

Think there are no consequences to your eating disorder, think "not yet..." It is important to think about consequences of eating disorders, with frequent intense behaviors it is just a matter of time.  Not everything is reversible, like osteoporosis.  This is why it is important to seek help when necessary and do not wait too long.

  1. OSTEOPOROSIS.  Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weak and brittle due to lack of calcium and vitamin D or due to the consequence of lack of menstrual cycle due to malnutrition and severe weight loss.  Having weak, brittle bones can lead to many fractures, loss of height, and poor posture.  With a lack of calcium and vitamin D, it is very difficult for fractures to heal and this can impact the daily life of an individual.  It is important to incorporate calcium and vitamin D into your diet, as well as having a balanced diet to promote positive nutrition.  Calcium can be found in many dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and spinach.  Vitamin D can come from sunlight and food sources, such as salmon, tuna, and milk.  Supplements can also be taken to get adequate calcium and vitamin D. Loss of estrogen production, due to low body weight and or malnutrition, decreases the percentage of calcium that can be absorbed in the bones.
  2. GALLBLADDER ISSUES.  Yo-yo dieting can have a profound effect on your gallbladder.  When you engage in a yo-yo diet, there is usually an accompanying rapid weight loss and rapid weight gain.  This can lead to the development of gallstones, which can cause serious pain and need to be removed through surgery.  Rapid weight changes can really damage your body, consult with a dietitian for guidance and proper weight management.
  3. HEART HEALTH.  Eating disorders can lead to an array of heart conditions such as low heart rate, low blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances, and even heart disease that could potentially lead to heart failure.  Your heart needs nutrition and fluids to work properly, the heart is so crucial to life.  In a state of malnutrition, the heart muscle loses tone and weakens.  This means that the heart is not pumping properly.  A slow heart rate and low blood pressure could mean that your body is not getting enough blood and oxygen, which in extreme cases could be fatal.
  4. ORAL CARE.  Tooth surfaces can break down, causing weak teeth prone to cavities, infection, or even loss of teeth due to self-induced vomiting.  An infection of the mouth can lead to an infection of the heart.  It is very important to have healthy teeth, and it is impossible to have healthy teeth without good nutrition.  Adequate calcium, protein, and water in the diet can help promote teeth health.